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Three-Step Action Plan

Step One - Research The Traffic


Our Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence Report provide the details for our creative team to produce a marketing Action Plan laser focused on your ideal client. 

Step Two - Develop Conversion Plan


 Develop and implement a SEO Action Plan and Paid Advertising Campaign focused on driving traffic to your website and converting online leads into paying clients. 

Step Three - Analyze The Economics


Analysis of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of your organic website traffic and paid ad campaigns is vital to improving  your lead generation and conversion process.

Step one

Research Ideal Client and Competition

SEO Website Audit provides detailed insight on how to increase your search rankings and helps insure a positive user experience.

  • Design - Is website mobile friendly with lead capture as its main objective?
  • Structure - Is meta data, incoming links and image alt tags Google friendly?
  • Content - Is the content well written to solve client’s problems or just self promotion?

Organic Competitors Report reveals the online competitive landscape which is generating the highest search results. 

  • Competition Level - Find the competitions strengths, weaknesses, and trends in your market.
  • Organic Traffic Per Website - See the level of natural traffic for your website and the competition.
  • Keyword Search Volume - Discover the search volume and rankings of top keywords.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Research defines the top advertiser and their content in your market.

  • Competition Advertising Analysis - See which companies are publishing PPC ads.
  • Competition Level - Find the top advertisers in your market and their monthly ad spend.
  • Keywords and Ad Copies - Discover the top keywords and ads of your competitors.

Social Media Evaluation details a strategy using the 80/20 Method when posting online.

  • Layout - Are you properly using all the tools provided by the different social media outlets?
  • Content - Is the content written well with your ideal client in mind?
  • Posting - Are you using an editorial calendar and providing information more than selling?


Step Two

Develop Conversion Action Plan for SEO and Paid Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long term goal to your internet marketing efforts and should never be thought of as an immediate solution to generate leads.

SEO is an ever changing landscape that requires a vast amount of time and up-to-date knowledge to keep your website ranking well for related search results.

Time (up to a year in most cases) and knowledge is expensive so marketing with SEO for free traffic is definitely, NOT free!

SEO Services

  • Analyze  On-Page Copy
  • Create Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Optimize Image Alt Tags
  • Link Building
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Quarterly Reporting

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising when set up properly is still one of the most steady and predicable streams of traffic available online.

Search Ads

Search ads are perfect for branding your company and promoting the services your offer. Use them  to promote a new product or when offering discounts on current services. 

Quality keyword research and proper ad structure, using all the tools Google offers, is the key to increasing potential buyers to your website.

Display Image Ads

The Google Display Network (GDN) is designed perfectly for any creative talent because of its ability to laser target your ideal audience by location, artist objective, and budget.

With 90% of internet users and over 2 million websites to display your ads,  image advertising has a massive reach at a fraction of the cost of search ads 

Product Listing Ads (PLA)

PLA's appear when someone does a search for a product. A small image ad displays at the very top to the search results featuring the image of the product, the price, about 30 characters of the product title, and some optional promotional text. 


Step Three

Analyze the Traffic, Conversions, and Economics

A true marketing plan runs on numbers, metrics, systems and assets. 

Google Analytics  and the Google Search Console has the power to monitor every action taken on your website and paid ad campaigns.

We analyze this data monthly and give you a report back that includes administrative changes we will make to your paid ad campaigns to control costs and ad placements. 

Actionable advice will be provided that you can apply to your social media posts and website to improve your organic (free) search rankings. 


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