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Marketing Glossary

Page is updated monthly as we strive to provide you with simple breakdowns of a complicated system.

Google Ads Marketing Platform


Google Search Ads

Google’s Search Network displays ads to users typing directly into Google’s search engine looking for a product or to solve a problem.

Your ads are shown on the search results page based on keywords and placed on the page by a number of other deciding factors.


Google Display Network (GDN) Image Ads

The GDN reaches 90% of global internet users reaching people expressing all manners of different interests and topics. 

Image advertising  gives you the ability to place image ads on over 2 million different websites. Not only that, you can pick the exact websites or target your ideal audience when placing these image ads.


Product Listing Ads (PLA)

PLA's are the small, square-ish image ads appearing at the top of the Google search pages which links directly to your shopping cart.

Google will show between 4 to 8 of these ads on the search results page and feature the image of the product, the price, about 30 characters of the product title, and some optional promotional text.

Internet Advertising Terminology

Ad Rotation

This is the online advertising setting we use to confirm all ads (3 to 12 max) in an ad campaign are being shown evenly. 


12 ads in campaign.

$1000 budget for 30 days.

Each ad is shown around 29,000 times each that month.

Ad Frequency

Setting for how many times an ad would be shown to each person in one visit to a website. Our settings are always set at 3 or less showings per website visitor. We do not like to hound people, but we do want to make sure we get optimum exposure.

A/B Split-Testing

This is the process of grouping 3 to 12 ads, with slight variants between each ad, and publishing them on an even rotating basis in the same ad campaign. At the end of the ad campaign, clicks on ads are compared to see which variants worked the best.