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Jeff Osborne


I’ve Been There

You have a great idea. You start a business and you’re extremely proud of the product and service you provide. You’ve acquired some paying customers and you’re told by the marketing gurus to build a website, start a blog, get on social media and BOOM… leads will come pouring in.

Then you realize marketing on the internet is a very detailed and time consuming process that would take up 80% of your valuable time if done the way the gurus suggest. You spend most of you time chasing prospects rather than closing clients.

It Started with Photography of Fine Art

In 1998 I started a photo studio specializing in photography of fine art. My first client was a photo realistic oil painting artist whose originals sold for $50,000 to $100,000. My marketing was basically attending art shows, handing artist my business card, telling them I photograph for Bob Byerley, and if they needed any photography give me a call.

As I acquired new artists to photograph their artwork I realized the need for marketing was just as much a desired service as photography and printing of their artwork. As the artists would come in I would offer advice on marketing their art. 

The Big Fish

Three years into my business I met artist Lee Hammond whose drawings of NASCAR drivers was of a quality I had never seen before.

After some research into the NASCAR art market I realized Lee's work was by far the best art in NASCAR so I developed a marketing plan for her to approach the teams for licensing to sell prints of her art.

In 2001 the marketing plan was approved with overwhelming support by 10 different teams who signed Lee to marketing agreements with over 20 drivers.

In a five year span we sold over $200,000 of prints on NASCAR.com and QVC.

I was warned that chasing the Big Fish, in this case NASCAR, would not be an easy ride. It was fun but bumpy to say the least.

I did learn that if you want to be successful in marketing online you must control your product through the whole process. The Big Fish takes too much in time, money, and effort, with not enough return on your investment. 

The Big Learning Curve

The rise of digital has taken its toll on many businesses. We were one of them. Converting from traditional photography and printing to digital is a massive learning curve. Trust me I’m self taught in digital photography, Photoshop and giclee printing.

Selling prints on websites like NASCAR.com kills the seller’s profit margin and restricts their marketing efforts. The solution was to learn website design and implementation of internet marketing to have better control of our message and income opportunities. 

If You Build It They Will Come

Not when we're talking websites. 

Building a website and getting to the front page of Google for free in three months is over. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not enough, you must pay-to-play the game of internet marketing. This is where online marketing gets difficult and a majority of business owners get frustrated and move on to the next free marketing fad.

So how do you reach your ideal client in all this marketing noise?

With a Google Ads online paid advertising campaign laser focused on your ideal client.

Google is not just an advertising platform. It’s the most sophisticated, laser focused, data driven marketing platform ever invented. When properly used, online ads will get immediate results to your lead generation process and provide valuable data to use on your long-term goals with your website and social media.

My Love of Art and Photography

It's just in you. CREATIVITY! I see a photograph in every turn I take while driving a car. I see a painting in every walk I take with my Grandsons.

In May of 2018, I was hired to develop an online brand for the Jones Gallery in Kansas City. Their only online presence at the time was a Facebook Business page and Facebook Group page. 

Here is a list of what I accomplished over 18 months.

  • Website built and managed
  • Website optimized for Google local search
  • Created and managed Instagram page
  • Call-For-Artists implemented and managed
  • Implemented and managed Mail Chimp email service
  • Over 450 new artists exhibited at the gallery
  • Curated 14 local and national art shows
  • Developed and managed 7 nonprofit art fundraiser for the gallery
  • Developed and managed plein air events at The Kansas City Zoo and Crossroads Arts District
  • Photographed 16 First Friday events and over 2400 pieces of artwork on display for these shows

Coming in 2020

The Global Art Alliance

Helping artists connect and sell globally!

  • Art Competitions
  • Art Marketing
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Art Advocate
  • Art News